i am deliberate and afraid of nothing

- audre lorde

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safiya robinson

founder, food activist and creative cook

i'm a self-taught vegan chef of british, jamaican and african american descent, on a mission to bring new flavours to the vegan movement and show people just how delicious, simple and creative a plant based diet and lifestyle can be!


 i adopt an intersectional approach to veganism and my recipes are  inspired by west indian and african american flavours. i want to make holistic health and wellness more accessible for the Black community. 

i'm a millennial, who came of age with myspace, facebook, netflix, tumblr and twitter. this means i believe in bell hooks, but i also believe in beyonce

i am available for the following services:

private chef: from date nights and dinner parties to weekly meal prep, i can create creative and nutritious meals for you at your home or delivered.

speaker: i am available for panel discussions, key notes, podcasts, radio and events

custom recipes: delicious, easy to follow bespoke recipes according to your exact taste, budget and dietary requirements

workshops: I offer interactive workshops on topics ranging from an intersectional approach to veganism, Black veganism, food injustice and plant based eating. 

cooking lessons: 1 to 1 sessions and couples packages as well as schools and corporate bookings

please contact me for more information and to get a quote. 

inquire below:

the animals of the world exist for their own reasons. they were not made for humans any more than Black people were made for whites or women for men.


alice walker, 1996