i am deliberate and afraid of nothing

- audre lorde

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a world where people are empowered with the knowledge, skills and resources to make informed food choices for people and planet


to create vibrant and interactive spaces to explore wellness through food

to represent and celebrate the flavours of the Black diaspora with innovative, plant based twists

to be a resource for people looking to adopt a plant based lifestyle


black centred

sisterwoman vegan is a Black centred social enterprise. the majority of our services are open to all regardless of background. however, a Black centred approach means that all of the research, references and data used to structure our services and resources are derived from the Black experience (past, present and future), taking into account unique issues such as the fact that WE ARE DISPROPORTIONATELY AFFECTED BY FOOD RELATED ILLNESSES SUCH AS DIABETES. the majority of businesses in the UK are white centred, they just don't advertise this fact. 

literature informed

the resources and services we provide are informed by peer reviewed, academic articles and papers such as these resources.


"let me begin by saying that I came to theory because I was hurting - the pain within me was so intense that I could not go on living. I came to theory desperate, wanting to comprehend - to grasp what was happening around and within me. most importantly, I wanted to make the hurt go away. I SAW IN THEORY THEN A LOCATION FOR HEALING."  - bell hooks


THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SINGLE ISSUE STRUGGLE. sisterwoman vegan adopts a pro intersectional approach to veganism that takes into account considerations of class, race, gender and accessibility. 

community focused

I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF COMMUNITIES TO MAKE RADICAL CHANGE. i build spaces to foster community conversation, support and celebration.

Pulse 8 - Jme
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there had to be a grime reference somewhere... watch jme discussing his reasons for going vegan here.


did you know our mac n cheese is jme approved?

"healing has to be consistent with life itself, if it isn’t, then it is not healing. the components have to be from life"


dr sebi