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if the question came to me as, “If you could encourage or influence everyone in the world to stop eating meat, would you?” i believe I’d be able to say “yes.” but in the more common phrasing of the question lurks [often phrased as force] a condition i cannot abide. forcing sentient beings to behave in a particular way–especially with regard to their own bodies is always wrong; and although as a vegan i can see the connection between my nonvegan friend’s purchase and the financial support of an unspeakably cruel institution, i do not have the right to usurp her decision-making in this regard, nor would I want to. any prayer or dream for mind control and world domination, even a benevolent, hypothetical one, perpetuates the cycle of domination and oppression the vegan lifestyle seeks to end. to my mind, the cause ought not to be to end slaughter, but to end the cycle that causes people to chose it. fight ignorance, fight deception, fight self-loathing, fight fear of the other, be a witness to the truth as you have experienced it–reject inevitability of that unspoken social contract–and in doing such, empower people to make compassionate choices for themselves.


a. breeze harper, sistah vegan (2010)

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