i am deliberate and afraid of nothing

- audre lorde

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welcome to sisterwoman

mind + body + spirit

saf. 25. aries sun taurus moon virgo rising.

sisterwoman vegan aims to encourage healing using plant based dishes inspired by Black women and our stories. i want to provide a space to empower us to think more critically about the food that we eat and repair our relationships with food that patriarchy, capitalism and white supremacy have disrupted.

n.b. these are things i have learnt on my personal journey to self love, healing and wellness. it works for me. it may not work for you. take what does, leave what doesn't, just try your best, love and trust yourself and stay informed. 


sisterwoman vegan has a holistic approach to food and wellness.


a holistic approach considers a persons physical, mental and emotional health as well as the social structures and circumstances creating their environment.

wellness is a marathon, not a sprint. i'm still learning, same as you. 


from the ages of 6-13 i was vegetarian (shout out to my parents for being open and supporting this!), 13-20 a 'chicken and fish eating vegetarian' (oh how we live in denial...) and finally made the leap to veganism in 2014, inspired by youngblackandvegan on tumblr, bryant terry, angela davis and others.


i listened to the vegan praxis of black lives matter, organised by a breeze harper and sistah vegan. i learned about ital cooking, aph ko, queen afua, chef lauren von der pool, chef akhi and dr sebi, and came to understand that wellness is not only our social and political right, but our birthright as Black people.

in 2018, after being diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder, i began to use food to heal myself. 


i learned how to cook by being poor, black and fat. my mama taught me how to make something out of nothing. my dad taught me how to appreciate quality and the power of family meals. my grandmas taught me me that cooking is a love language. my aunties taught me to find joy in food. my friends taught me the intimacy of breaking bread together. nigel slater, nigella lawson and jamie oliver taught me that food is for pleasure (as long as you're middle class and white... but i'm tryna change that!). 

i hope i can make this knowledge accessible to you all. 


i follow a plant based whole foods diet.


this means that the majority of my meals use natural (from the earth, as they were grown), minimally processed (incl grainor unprocessed ingredients. this includes things like salt (sea salt or pink himalayan only) and oils. 


organic where possible.


organic is expensive. i try to stick to local farmers markets and follow the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen.


i limit wheat but i am not gluten free (although i do of course provide gf options). i still use whole grains such as rye and spelt. 


i am soy free except for tamari and miso, both of which are fermented, aiding digestion.

breaking your fast with fresh fruit is a great way to ensure you are eating raw foods and retaining vital nutrients.

i try to have at least one raw meal a day but i live in cold dreary england and i refuse to deny myself comfort.


not everyday salad.

sometimes pie and mash.

and always, plantain. 

saf x


food shouldn’t be a bad boyfriend, dragging you down or holding you to ransom. it should nourish your body as much as it fuels your mind; it should pump life through your veins; it should waltz in sync with your mood and your appetite, sometimes blissful, often mundane, always a part of you.


ruby tandoh