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safiya robinson, founder


hello lovely people! i'm saf, a self-taught creative cook of british, jamaican and african american descent.

i was named one of code hospitality's 30 under 30 in 2024.

i am currently chef in residence at moko tottenham, a hi fi bar celebrating the sound and flavours of the afro caribbean diaspora. time out named us one of the best vegan restaurants in london in december 2023. come let me feed ya!


i create modern soul food dishes inspired by my jamaican, british and african american heritage. i believe in intentional nourishment and seek to create community centred spaces that spark joy and create space for critical food and wellness conversation.

check out the meaning behind the name here.

sisterwoman vegan is a plant based social enterprise exploring wellness through food. we have been featured in the guardian, waitrose magazine, and bloomberg, among others.


we believe in a multi pronged approach, centring community, education and mindfulness in our work. 

alongside our current residency, sisterwoman takes the form of supper clubs, food education, workshops and cooking lessons, private catering and a reading group, as well as other creative projects. check out our past projects.


keep a look out for our upcoming events.

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Pulse 8 - Jme


there had to be a grime reference somewhere... watch jme discussing his reasons for going vegan here.


did you know our mac n cheese is jme approved?

food shouldn’t be a bad boyfriend, dragging you down or holding you to ransom. it should nourish your body as much as it fuels your mind; it should pump life through your veins; it should waltz in sync with your mood and your appetite, sometimes blissful, often mundane, always a part of you.


ruby tandoh

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