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sisterwoman vegan is a plant based social enterprise exploring wellness through food.


using plant based food as my medium, my aim is to support and explore holistic wellness through three tenets:


community, education and mindfulness.

i believe in intentional nourishment.

this currently takes the form of supper clubs, food education, private catering and a reading group, along with the resources shared on this site. 

i want to empower us to think more critically about the food that we eat and begin to repair our relationships with food, (and each other, and ourselves), that patriarchy, capitalism and white supremacy have disrupted.

i have a personal approach that focuses on flavour, compassion, holistic wellness and (food) justice rather than 'clean eating'.

n.b. these are things i have learnt on my personal journey to self love, healing and wellness. it works for me. it may not work for you. take what does, leave what doesn't, just try your best, love and trust yourself and stay informed. 

i adopt a holistic approach that considers physical, mental and emotional health as well as the social structures and circumstances creating our environments.

sisterwoman vegan is an anti racist, decolonial, anti capitalist, trans-inclusive, queer friendly, fat positive space.


please support the vision.

contact me with any accessibility concerns.


safiya robinson, founder


hello lovely people! i'm saf, a self-taught creative cook of british, jamaican and african american descent, on a mission to show people just how delicious, simple and creative a plant based diet and lifestyle can be.


i adopt an intersectional approach to veganism and my recipes are  inspired by west indian, british and african american flavours. 


i want to make holistic health and wellness more accessible for Black communities.

i'm a millennial, who came of age with myspace, facebook, netflix, tumblr and twitter. this means i believe in bell hooks, but i also believe in beyonce

check out the meaning behind the name here.

allies are welcome. if you are a non Black person visiting this site, start here.

let's all have a read of something. (i did not put together this resource. if you know who did, please let me know).


we all have a lot of unlearning to do. together.

this site is dedicated to my mothers, my grandmothers, my siblings, my cousins, my aunties, my teachers and my friends. we created this together.

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my journey

from the ages of 6-13 i was vegetarian, 13-20 a 'chicken and fish eating vegetarian' (oh how we live in denial...) and finally made the leap to veganism in 2014, inspired by youngblackandvegan on tumblr, bryant terryangela davis and others.

i listened to the vegan praxis of black lives matter, organised by a breeze harper and sistah vegan. i learned about ital cooking, aph ko, queen afua and chef lauren von der pool and came to understand that wellness is not only our social and political right, but our birthright as Black people.

in 2018, after being diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder, i began to use food to heal myself.



my mama taught me how to make something out of nothing.


my dad taught me the power of family meals.


my grandmas taught me me that cooking is a love language.


my aunties taught me to find joy in food.


my friends taught me the intimacy of breaking bread together. 

through research, reading, connecting and honouring, my ancestors taught me that there is healing in what we consume.

i hope i can make this knowledge accessible to you all. 


saf x

Pulse 8 - Jme


there had to be a grime reference somewhere... watch jme discussing his reasons for going vegan here.


did you know our mac n cheese is jme approved?

food shouldn’t be a bad boyfriend, dragging you down or holding you to ransom. it should nourish your body as much as it fuels your mind; it should pump life through your veins; it should waltz in sync with your mood and your appetite, sometimes blissful, often mundane, always a part of you.


ruby tandoh

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