children of the yam: a handbook for radical Black healing

i believe that healing is resistance. 


children of the yam is a self-help book centring the experience and needs of Black people today. 


in a time with so much racial trauma being brought again to the forefront of our consciousness, this handbook addresses many aspects of being and living to allow readers to find ways to take care of themselves and address their wellbeing head on. 


inspired by bell hooks' sisters of the yam, the handbook is a curation of ideas from some of the most radical black activists, theorists and thinkers of our time and before our time. the tone, spoken largely in second person, does not aim to tell the reader the right way to live or the correct way to do things, but allows Black people to design their own coping methods by addressing their individual needs.


children of the yam: a handbook for radical Black healing


    i am deliberate and afraid of nothing

    - audre lorde

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