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woman talk

an intimate, family style dinner for Black women, with special guests. 

" sisterwoman sisterwoman, 

  talk about the pleasure, 

  talk about the pain."

woman talk, adziko simba 

 i want to provide a space to empower us to think more critically about the food that we eat and repair our relationships with food that patriarchy, capitalism and white supremacy have disrupted. woman talk is a monthly, intimate supperclub for Black women to hold space for each other and enjoy a delicious family style meal together, alongside a conversation with a special guest. each month one space will be gifted to a Black woman who would otherwise be unable to attend. 

previous guests include therapist dawn estefan, tarot therapist leona nichole black, community organiser and cook dee woods and gal - dem founder liv little.

check out our ig live #womantalk series here

"i did not know that feminism is what you call it when Black warrior women moved mountains and walked on water. growing up in their company, i considered these things normal" 


joan morgan, when chickenheads come home to roost (1990)

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