all black lives matter

it feels like i've aged 10 years this week. joints creaking, muscles spasming, and all i can do is sleep. my body responds very quickly to trauma. ancient ancestral wounds buried deep within, carried by my mother and my father and all that came before, have ruptured. again. my soul is tender, my flesh flagellated by the echo of all lives matter, the violence of apathy and the disrespect of wilful ignorance.

i don't usually have a sweet tooth, but this week different iterations of desserts have been swirling around in my brain. we all need an extra bit of sweetness sometimes. i wish i could nourish and nurture you all.

instead, i have collated several incredible resources i have seen this week. i have included links to support self study, some to give you pleasure and some to aid your healing journey, as well as specific resources to support activists on the ground in the US and UK. we can not let this become just another moment. thank you to everybody sharing and posting.

this list is not at all complete, please send me things you think should be added.

all Black lives matter. Black joy, Black healing and Black futures matter. i hope these resources can bring us further to this vision.

#JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #JusticeForBellyMujinga #JusticeForTonyMcDade #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor

and so many others.

we must always remember:

it is our duty to fight for our freedom.

it is our duty to win.


(the poem below doesn't yet have a name, but it is how i feel)

i want to wrap my people up in an everlasting embrace.

hold them tight and not let go.

ancestors! fill me with the power of the phoenix.

let my tears


fierce and defiant.

let the wounds begin to heal.

cover me with your grace and help me wade through the waters of our collective grief.

there is space for all of us on my back.

when i get tired, let us rest in the depths while yemaya holds us


and carries us to the freshwaters.

maferefun oshun,


warrior woman,

let me nourish myself with your sweetness.

adorn me with the apparel of war and